Daisy Geyser

A tantrum leads to this eruption

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A gurgle and burble signals that Daisy Geyser is getting restless. Like a child winding up for a tantrum, two small cones to either side of Daisy begin spitting. Their fussing goes on for quite some time. Sometimes, up to 40 minutes. Finally, when the pressure builds, Daisy shoots an angled stream of boiling water 75 feet into the air.

In the Upper Geyser Basin, a side loop gives two opposite vantage points for watching Daisy Geyser erupt. The eruption show, which lasts up to five minutes, occurs frequently, so you can easily pick up a performance about every 2-4 hours. Sometimes, however, the geyser can be disappointingly erratic.

Before walking the Daisy Geyser Basin Loop, stop at Old Faithful Visitor Education Center for a map and the time of the next predicted eruption. You can also use the Yellowstone Geyser app and a map on the Yellowstone National Park app on your phone. The maps will help you locate Daisy on the hillside instead of making the common mistake of watching Comet Geyser instead. Located centrally on the platform, Comet sputters constantly from a larger cone. For Daisy, look for a smaller sinter cone on the approach to the hill.

At A Glance

Upper Geyser Basin
Old Faithful Wyoming 82190


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