Three castle village

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The Plus Beau Village of Curemonte is not far from the two other classified villages of Collonges-la-Rouge and Turenne all in the Corréze département.

Located on a hilltop overlooking the Sourdoire valley and set in beautiful rolling countryside, Curemonte boasts no less than three château – the Château de Plas, the Château de Saint Hilaire and the Château de la Johannie. Not satisfied with that the villagers also have three churches!

Curemonte remains unspoiled and really is a sleepy village ideal for quiet exploration – just don’t expect cafés or souvenir shops on every corner! It’s main claim to fame is that the renowned French author Colette, whose novel Gigi was later made into a famous musical comedy play and film, lived here in 1940. Colette was a contemporary of Josephine Baker and knew her well.

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