Curbside Kitchen

'The Chicken Place' a food truck!

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You’ll likely drive past this marvelous eatery before you realize what it is. Look for the vertical banners flapping in the wind, right along the highway, and maybe you won’t miss it. If you do, however, go back – you’re in for a grand surprise. Locals call it “the chicken place” because broasted chicken is their big seller. You won’t be disappointed.

But there are also subs and other sandwiches. And on Fridays, broasted whitefish (the Friday fish fry is synonymous with the U.P., with fish, french fries and coleslaw the traditional trio). Try some of the sides, too – onion rings are great. And since this is close to Wisconsin, you’ll find cheese curds. If you’ve never had them, this is your big opportunity.

Bob and Nancy Tomlinson have owned restaurants for years. This one is close to home. Very close. The Curbside Kitchen is a food truck – aka mobile cafe – aka restaurant on wheels. And it’s parked in their front yard on M64 just east of Silver City.  There are a couple of tables set up in front of the truck for alfresco dining, but carry-out is the big thing. Open noon-8 p.m. daily.

There aren’t a lot of reviews on Yelp, but every review gives the Curbside Kitchen a 5. Every one.

At A Glance

32829 State Hwy M64
Silver City Michigan 49953


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