Culloden Moor

Battlefield with excellent visitor centre

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It was on April 16, 1746 that the last the battle on British soil took place on the windswept Culloden Moor. The brutal event saw some 1500 Scots slaughtered and, as it turned out, marked the end of the Jacobites (Scots fighting against the union of the crown with England).

In the months prior to the Battle of Culloden, the Jacobites had some success under Bonnie Prince Charlie, taking Edinburgh and marching deep into England. But the tide turned, forcing a northerly retreat as far as Culloden. Here, hungry and exhausted after a pointless all-night march; hopelessly outnumbered; and on ground unsuited to their style of fighting; the Jacobites stood no chance. After the battle, as the English rampaged through much of Scotland, the clans were disarmed, forbidden from wearing tartan or playing bagpipes.

The smart oak and stone visitor centre tells the story of these brutal events using actors and multi-media technology, including in an impressive theatre where visitors are surrounded by life-like films.

The centre also offers an audio guide for your exploration of the battlefield. Here flags mark the positions of the two armies while simple headstones mark the clan graves. The Field of the English, is a mass grave for some fifty English soldiers, while the restored Leanach Cottage marks the spot where thirty injured Jacobites were burned alive.

The Culloden Moor Inn (IV2 5ED; +441463 790 022) on the way to the Clava Cairns is a good place for something to eat.

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At A Glance

Culloden Moor
Inverness IV2 5EU
44 1463 796090
Battlefield free; Visitor Centre Adult - £11.00 Family - £26.00 Concession - £8.50

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