Cross-the-Bridge Noodles

Piping-hot noodles served the Yunnan way

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The story goes that a shepherd’s wife in the southwestern province of Yunnan invented this way of serving up noodles – in a thick, well-insulated clay pot – as a way to ensure the noodle soup her husband took with him to work was still hot by the time he crossed the wide river bridge that led into the fields.

Cross-the-bridge noodles is now Yunnan’s best-known dish and this small, fun restaurant specialises in it.

Inside the menu, most of which is in English, you’ll find four different types of cross-the-bridge noodles, with a photo of each to help you decide.

When your noodles come, the waiter dumps all the raw ingredients – noodles, veg, meat slices – into the boiling broth. The noodles are pre-cooked, so the dunk just heats them up, but the raw ingredients are sliced so thinly that they cook almost instantly. Nevertheless, give the pot a good mix before you tuck in.

You might want to add some of the chilli sauce, soy sauce or Sichuan pepper oil which you’ll find on your table.

There are other dishes too (the fried rice dishes are good), but it would be a shame to come here and not have the shepherd’s wife’s speciality.

Has some outdoor seating on the roof too.

109 Di’anmen Waidajie

Nearest subway:
Gulou Dajie (1km)

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109 Di'anmen Waidajie
Cross-the-bridge noodles ¥13-38, fried rice from ¥10, cold dishes from ¥5, beer ¥6

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