Creemore Springs Brewery

Hops, anyone?

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Though I’m not a beer drinker, I’m fascinated by how food and drink companies work, so the idea of touring Creemore Springs’ Brewery was right
up my alley. So when a friend mentioned that Creemore is “on the way” to the Blue Mountains (our destination that day), we decided to see if we could get into a tour at the craft brewery. They offer tours on the hour from noon to 4 daily, so if you don’t mind waiting till the next one, you can  pretty much count on getting in.

Their secret?
The plant is small, but there’s lots of history behind the brewery and lots to learn about beer making. Though they don’t give away all their secrets, it’s clear that what makes the beer so popular is the local spring water and the hops they use.

The tour ends with a tasting. Be prepared though, the first question you’re likely to get is: “how hop-y do you like your beer?” Don’t worry though, if you don’t have a ready answer to that – by the end of the tasting, you’ll have a good idea as to how hop-y you like things. And, when you’re done with the tasting you can pick up some to go.

Before you leave town, take some time to walk around. Check out the Creemore 100 Mile Store if you’re into gourmet foodstuff and check out the Mad & Noisy Gallery for some unique arts and crafts.

At A Glance

139 Mill Street
Creemore Ontario L0M 1G0


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