Cote Cour

La Brasserie and La Boulangerie

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This is a two-in-one eatery, with a top-notch bakery on one side and an upscale restaurant on the other.

As you would expect, the prices and service on the bakery side (la boulangerie) are lower, but the food still gets high praise. Offerings include lasagna, hamburgers, and Alsatian tarts. You also can order a glass of fine wine, gourmet coffee, and excellent desserts.

The brasserie side is bistro-style casual, with a lot of tables and people crowded into sleekly modern dining areas. Menu choices include Alsatian favorites and international dishes, all with a gourmet touch.

Service is friendly and skilled, but somewhat slow during peak meal times. You’ll get better service if you greet the servers in French.

At A Glance

11-13 rue des Serruriers, Place de la Cathédrale
Colmar Alsace 68000
03 89 21 19 18
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