Cortelyou Road

a residential nabe's restaurant row

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Framed behind a giant storefront window, the bar at the Farm on Adderley is always perfectly lit. Inside, the dining room is long and thin like a railroad car, and the original tin ceilings let just enough sound reverberate to make the place feel lively and intimate at once. 

So pull up a stool and I’ll tell you a story: At the bottom of the housing market in 2009, a handful of arty entrepreneurs with growing families saw opportunities in the sprawling if neglected Victorian houses in this neighborhood. But they didn’t find the restaurants that they liked so a few new residents took over languishing commercial spaces on the strip of Courtelyou road running from East 17th Street to Coney Island Avenue (note: the Ave eventually leads to the boardwalk and the Cyclone but you’re not there yet) with customers just like themselves in mind. There are actually just a two newly-minuted hospitality dynasties behind the street’s dining boom. The owners of the Farm also have a stake in the genius flower shop/bar Sycamore. And another trio, in different configurations with other partners, is behind the Castello Plan, Mimi’s Hummus, Market, and Lea.

There are also corner Mexican and Indian joints, and Qathra Cafe is the establishment of choice for coffee. The Coop supermarket and a Sunday greenmarket keep locals stocked up for nights in.

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Cortelyou Road
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