Popular wine bar, with great food

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This much-loved place recently moved a few doors down the street into a larger space with more seating and vaulted ceilings. Though some of the intimacy may be gone, it’s still a winner with its wine selection (300 wines!) and a menu of snacks that quickly become a meal. The bruscetta and salads are generous, so be wary of ruining your appetite for dinner. The meat, cheese and carpaccio plates are more modest and a good snack for two.

There’s also a few pasta plates, if you lose any interest in ever leaving.

Igor, the warm, friendly owner and vintner, has a great, patient group working for him, who will take as long as necessary to make sure you get a glass of wine that makes you happy.

The old Coquinarius space has not been forgotten. It has been reborn as Tic Toc, serving Tuscan artisanal beers, hamburgers, breakfast and coffee.

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