Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center

Culture and history of the "Lords of the Plains"

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TThe Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center packs a lot of punch in a small amount of space. Exhibits are informative and displays are attractive. You’ll learn a lot about the history and culture of the nation and see some beautiful art.

A highlight is the section on Comanche Code Talkers and their roles in World War II. The seventeen men involved were allowed to add specific words – like “No’apu Huutsuu” or “pregnant bird” for bomber – to their native language. This made their messages not only incomprehensible to the enemy but to other Comanches. Their code was never broken.

The most fascinating part of the exhibit is a video of footage taken on D-Day as Comanche soldiers strung wire for communications as the landing on Utah Beach in Normandy began. Then they
relayed information back to officers directing the troops.

These men were true heroes. It’s great to hear their stories. And if Carney Saupitty, Jr. is around, he’ll make it even more personal – his uncle was one of the Code Talkers.

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