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Collonges-la-Rouge – literally Collonges the Red – is deservedly one of the Plus Beaux Villages of France. Situated just south east of Brive on the D38 road, this stunningly beautiful place full of red stone manor houses, cottages and a Romanesque church, all rooved in lauzes, takes the breath away.

Dating back to the early middle ages the village belonged to the powerful Viscount of Turenne whose stronghold was nearby. It became a kind of holiday village for local officials and churchmen who enjoyed perfect tranquility here away from the hustle and bustle of Brive and Turenne!

Don’t miss the corbelled 16th century Maison de la Sirène, the interior of which has been restored to look like it was hundreds of years ago, or the turreted Château de Benge and its fine Renaissance window.

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