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The best coffee on the North Shore

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You’re in Hawai‘i, so you might as well enjoy all that is has to offer, including the coffee. One of the best places to sample local coffee and buy beans (bulk is also an option) is the Coffee Gallery on O‘ahu’s North Shore. Nowhere else on the island will you find such a panoply of roasts and beans. All beans are hand-roasted on the North Shore in small batches so as to achieve the best of flavors.

And if that weren’t enough, Coffee Gallery has true artisans working behind the counter who take pride in the drinks they make. It also boasts a large case of confections whose smells, names, and appearances might be enough to tempt even the healthiest of people to stick their hand in the proverbial cookie jar
—try the haupia-sweet potato pastry or the blueberry cream cheese scone. But if a latté and pastry aren’t enough to satiate you, try one of their light lunch options, or head over to either Waialua Bakery or Sprout for extra-stuffed sandwiches.

Notes: Coffee Gallery is located in the back of the North Shore Marketplace. There is also free WiFi here.

At A Glance

66-250 Kamehameha Highway #C106
Haleiwa 96712

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