Coastal Walking Path (Saint-Tropez)

Another side of Saint-Tropez

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Not everything about Saint-Tropez is spendy.

A spectacular coastal footpath, called Le Sentier Litoral, winds all along the coast of the French Riviera, and in Saint-Tropez it is particularly wild and beautiful, passing rocky inlets and hidden bays,rounding the entire peninsula and continuing on to the beach at Cavalaire-sur-mer.

Start at La Ponche and head toward the Citadel, past the cemetery and keep walking until you arrive at a little curve of sand called Plage des Graniers. From here, just keep following the shoreline. You’ll feel like you’re walking through people’s back yards and private hideaways, and you kind of are, but you’re on the right track.

Maps with walking times and distances are available at the city’s tourist office on Quai Jean Jaurès, right behind Le Sénéquier. To walk all the way to Pampelonne Beach, plan on around four hours. You can call a taxi or catch a bus back to town from there.

At A Glance

Plage des Greniers

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