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Sportif in the Bahamas

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The all-inclusive Club Med Columbus Isle resort is the reason most people travel to San Salvador, aka Columbus Isle. Recently renovated after hurricane hits in 2015 and 2016, it opened a splendid new restaurant and lounge named La Pinta above the resort’s dive center.

Scuba diving is the main activity. The Club Med team shows its dedication to upbeat, meticulous service here and throughout the resort. In keeping with the French-based Club Med culture, GOs (gentils organisateurs) mingle freely with guests (GMs, or gentils membres) at meals and social events, and also present entertainment.

The scuba diving is not included in the basic package, nor are spa treatments. A snorkeling boat that goes out twice daily, however, is. Plus guests have complimentary use of kayaks, paddleboards, and sailboats. Some alcohol and most of the food is included. But there are premium add-ons, including top-shelf liquor, bicycle use and island excursions.

Sturdy and soundproof buildings brightly painted range from ocean- to garden-view bungalows. A gorgeous beach, infinity-edged pool, buffet restaurant, lounge and beach bar complete this picture of island bliss.

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