Clafeld’s Fruit Winery and Cider House

Getting Creative with Cider

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Clafeld’s is a cute little market that sells some food and nibbles — but their main claim to fame is the unusual fruit ciders they make.

I first noticed Clafeld’s Fruit Winery in the dead of winter when I saw frozen, ripe, red apples handing from their apple trees. Indeed, for a moment I wondered if I was in  Quebec, where ice cider is a specialty. No one was around to ask, but I made a note to come back in the spring. It never occurred to me to ask the folks at Waupoos Estate Winery across the street. But, the following spring, when I stopped in at the winery, I asked what Clafeld’s is and they explained that it’s their fruit winery.

Unusual Ciders

Smashed Apple Cider is their traditional apple cider and it’s quite nice. But, what really sets them apart is their other creations, including Honey Suckle apple cider   (you guessed it: apple cider with a hint of honey suckle), a Rose Hip apple and cranberry cider, and Oh Behave, a honey-infused apple cider.  But, the most unusual — and quite delicious — beverage they make is their Almond Cielo, which is a sparkling wine with a hint of almond on the finish.

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3013 County Road 8
Picton Ontario K0K 2T0


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