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While visiting Amsterdam, you might notice people disappearing into a small alleyway near the Amsterdam Museum’s entrance. No, this isn’t a magical portal to a secret part of the city, or is it?

The Civic Guards Gallery, known in Dutch as the Schuttersgalerij, is a small exhibition space that is officially part of the Amsterdam Museum. It features a number of old portraits of wealthy Amsterdam citizens who traditionally belonged to the Civic Guard and regularly spent their time practising their shooting skills on the shooting range. To be featured in the painting(s) each person had to pay. Nowadays the gallery also features modern portraits of Dutch celebrities, as well images of ordinary citizens of Amsterdam.

This free gallery might be small, but it is still worth a visit.

At A Glance

Kalverstraat 92
Amsterdam 1012 PH
( 31) 02-0523-1822

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