City Walls and Forts of Dubrovnik

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On the top of your ‘to-do’ list is a stroll on Dubrovnik’s famed walls. It’s these walls that really make Dubrovnik a magical and special city.

From the top, you’ll find breathtaking views of the old town, the Adriatic and you’ll get an idea of the shelling of the city during the Croatian Homeland War – the bright orange roof tiles are the ones that were replaced after the war.

There are four towers/fortresses that make up the walls; Round Tower Minceta is to the north, the port is protected by the detached Fortress Revelin in the east and by the complex of the Fortress of Saint John in the south-east. The western entrance to the city is protected by Bokar Fortress. You have access to all of them with your ticket, along with the Fortress of St Lawrence, the detached fort on the western side of the old town.

Lawrence is also used for theatre productions during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and was heavily used in the Game of Thrones series.

There are three entrances to the walls; One at Pile Gate (the busiest), one at Ploce Gate and the third at the Maritime Museum.

Any sort of drinks or food sold on the walls are triple the price (or more) of other places in the city. Bring water, good walking shoes (there are stairs) and enjoy!

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Pile Gate
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