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A City Recycled

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Yes, that is a school bus just about to drive off the top of a ten story building in downtown St. Louis. But don’t worry. It probably won’t collide with the airplane lodged in an oversized slinky stretched out into the next building, but it might get hung up on the world’s largest pencil protruding from the wall.

This is The City Museum, a really strange place that is the result of the creative mind of artist Bob Cassilly combined with all of the things we throw out over the years.

In an old shoe factory building downtown, the city of St. Louis has been recycled into the region’s most popular, innovative and truly unique play place.

Crawl inside a dinosaur. Swing from a trapeze. Slide down a shark’s tooth. Color your own masterpiece. Gaze upon a part of the building that inspired “The Exorcist.”

And late night on Fridays and Saturdays, this otherwise child-friendly place turns the lights out and it’s an adults only experience until 1 a.m.

Nothing here is breakable – everything is to be touch, crawled on, run over, punched, pulled and pounded upon.

Gift shops include goodies made from recycled products.


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701 N 15th St.
(314) 231-2489
$12, best bargain after 5 p.m. Fri & Sat. plus $10 for parking
Closed Mon - Tuesd; changes seasonally, but basically 9 AM - 5 PM, except Fri & Sat, open until 1 AM.


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