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Oh, how much fun the people of St. Louis have in these two blocks of downtown, and they invite visitors and everyone to come play with them.

Once a blighted couple of blocks with buildings that needed to be torn down, the Gateway Foundation came in and made something beautiful.

Amidst fountains, trees and flowering plants, picnic tables and green grass for picnics are 24 playful sculptures that range from over-sized bunny rabbits to a monster-sized Pinocchio shouting “I’m a real boy!”

And then, there are some sculptures that don’t quite make sense, but that’s OK too. Just have fun with it. For a free self-guided audio tour, call (314) 802-5971.

Or download it for free from iTunes.

Be on the look-out for stuffed pink flamingos moving around in the flower boxes. You just never know where they’ll pop up next.


At A Glance

(314) 802-9571


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