Circus Harmony

Fly On A Trapeze

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Swing on a trapeze. Juggle flaming torches. Walk a balance beam or dance on top of a big round ball. And then take a bow as the audience applauds your daring feats of skill and acrobatics.

This is really the circus you always wanted to run away to. Started by Jessica Hentoff, a real-live circus performer with tales of triumph and tragedy that are as amazing as the skills she teaches, the Circus Day school is open to people of all ages and skill levels.

Come for a few hours and you’ll be swinging from a trapeze like the pros.

Or just come in and watch others with various levels of skill and training live their fantasy of being a star under the Big Top. That’s always free with admission to the City Museum. Located on the third floor of the City Museum.

At A Glance

701 N 15th St.
St. Louis
(314) 436-7676
prices vary depending on time/skills
9 AM - 5 PM Mon- Sat.


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