Christian Science Church

The Mother Church

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You can’t miss the enormous white stone basilica of the Christian Science Church — or the hustle and bustle around it. The 14-acre world headquarters of the First Church of Christ has a spacious plaza with well-tended gardens and a mesmerizing reflecting pool.  Step inside the basilica to admire the massive organ (13,384 pipes!).

Mary Baker Eddy founded the Church of Christ, Scientist on the premise of the healing power of prayer. Learn about her many accomplishments at the on-site Mary Baker Eddy Library. (Incidentally, the Scientists are not the same as the Scientologists — a common misunderstanding.) Although the library has limited appeal for the casual caller,  it does contain the fantastic Mapparium.

T: Symphony/GreenE

At A Glance

210 Massachusetts Avenue
Open weekdays 8-5 (office), Tues-Fri 10-4 (library)

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