Christchurch Modern Art Gallery – Te Puna o Waiwhetu

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A landmark in the central city that survived the earthquakes, this contemporary architectural statement with its undulating glass and metal facade is the largest art institution in the South Island and home to one of New Zealand’s most important public art collections (6400 artworks). 

This gallery never fails to deliver! There a great amount of amazing experiences that will delight all your senses and that might even spark a hidden interest for contemporary art.

The gallery served as
the city’s emergency hub following the earthquakes and has been through an
intensive programme of seismic strengthening turning it into one of the safest
and most earthquake-resilient galleries in the world.

The building 
The gallery opened in 2003 and has been one of Christchurch’s most visited art scene ever since. The wave like building, reminiscent of water ondulating just like the Avon River.

What’s the sculpure in the forecourt?
Reasons for voyaging, a collaboration between Canterbury sculptor Graham Bennett and architect, David Cole. The Gallery forecourt incorporates plantings, seating areas and sculptural works.Work No. 2314 by Martin Creed spans the south facing wall of the Gallery.

What’s in the name?
The Maori name Te Puna o Waiwhetu can be explained as follows: 
Te Puna honours waipuna, the artesian spring on whiche the gallery is built.
Waiwhetu refers to one of the tributaries in the immediate vicinity, which flows into the River Avon. Waiwhetu may also be translated as ‘water in which stars are reflected’.
The name honours the gallery’s role in contributing to the cultural wellbeing of the community.

At A Glance

49 Worcester Boulevard
10am - 5pm

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