Chote Chitr

Authentic Royal Thai cuisine

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Chote Chitr came to fame via Bob Halliday, the New York Times food critic, who visited this hole in the wall restaurant years ago and was knocked out by the food. It’s an old restaurant with five or six tables, which often have dogs or cats hanging about them, plus a rather stern matron yelling out orders, and it certainly doesn’t look like much, but the food is good, and its one of the few places serving up authentic royal Thai cuisine, as the owner’s family evidently worked in the palace kitchen.

Highlights include the banana blossom salad, the fried fish with mango sauce, and the mee krob crispy noodles. Whle touted for being highly authentic, in recent years the place has become tourist heavy, as it is in every guidebook imaginable, and you actually won’t see too many Thais here at night. There are plenty of other very authentic places in the beautiful Phraeng Phutorn square on which the restaurant sits.

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At A Glance

146 Phraeng Phutorn, Tanao Road
Bangkok Bangkok
02 221 4082

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