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Chocolate F/X had been on my radar screen for a long while, but years ago they were located next to a gentleman’s club and so I wasn’t in a hurry to stop there. But since 2011 they’ve been in their current location in St. David and so when a woman at the Ontario Tourism office said that she and her kids love the shop and their tour, I decided to check it out.

Well, sure glad I did. It was a Monday morning and there were ha half dozen cars already there. I caught a couple leaving and I asked them what they thought and they raved. I asked if they did the tour and they said yes and said it was terrific.

The staff was friendly and the smell was divine. They make their own truffles, molded chocolates and novelties, but they also enjoy explaining that they will coat anything in chocolate. (This came up when I asked the sales person what their most popular items are and she said JuJubes. I couldn’t believe that and so I asked if they make their own JuJubes and she said no, but that they coat them in chocolate — after all, they coat anything in chocolate.)

Their production facility is right there, behind glass. So even if you don’t want to take the tour, you can watch as they do their best Willy Wonka imitation.

Tours are on the hour from 10-2 p.m. and they charge a nominal fee. The tours run about 20 minutes, or longer depending on the size of the group.

Classes and More
They also hold chocolate classes for groups of 8-24. The classes are not at pre-set times, so if you’re interested, just phone them to book. (How about a chocolate class next time you and a group of friends want something to do??)

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At A Glance

335 Four Mile Creek Road,
St. David's Ontario L0S 1P0


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