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There are opera performances here almost every night. The stage is set up at a Chinese temple underneath the Krung Thon Bridge (better known to locals by its Chinese name Saphan Sang Hi). There are a couple food stalls and people come for snacks or dinner. Others join later. People arrive and leave whenever they want. Many of them chat during the show.

Some people in the audience understand the dialogue, some don’t. No one needs to; the gorgeous brocaded silk costumes, hand-painted sets, and actors’ elaborate makeup and graceful gestures, and dramatic expressions are the show.

The Mazu Temple hosts the Gold Dragon Chinese Opera. Mazu is a sea goddess from Taiwan thought to protect sailors and fishermen. Many Thai Chinese worship her.

Getting to the Mazu Temple and the Gold Dragon Chinese Opera may be confusing the first time. Just remember: it’s on the south side of Ratchavithi Road, at the foot of the Krung Thon Bridge (Saphan Sang Hi). As you approach the bridge, there is a fork in the road to the left: take it and continue down toward the river. You will see a stage on the left.

The show begins at 7:30 or 8pm. There is no required entry fee but we recommend giving money to Mazu Temple so that the opera may continue!

Show starts at 7:30 or 8pm

At A Glance

Krung Thon Bridge underneath

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