Chief Mountain Highway

A scenic two-nation highway

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A seasonal road, Chief Mountain Highway curves around Chief Mountain. The blocky peak marks the northeast corner of Glacier National Park.

Blackfeet warriors used the sacred peak for vision quests. As the road curls around the base of Chief Mountain, two smaller peaks appear to the west. These are Ninaki (the Mother) and the Papoose. The road crosses Blackfeet reservation ranches with free-ranging cattle. So be wary of cows on the road.

The rolling, two-lane highway links Montana with Canada. It also connects Glacier National Park with Waterton Lakes National Park.

Chief Mountain Customs marks the boundary between the U.S. and Canada. The wood and shingle U.S. border station building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. To drive across the border into Alberta and Waterton Lakes National Park, you’ll need a passport.

Chief Mountain Highway opens during daylight hours mid-May through September. Just south of the customs stations, a large trailhead parking lot launches hikers into the Belly River. Backpackers will need permits for overnights.

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Chief Mountain Highway
Glacier National Park Montana

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