Chicago. Summer.

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Written by Laurie McGregor Carroll

Hey lady hey damn birds filthy birds lady don’t give that to them hey get out of my way filthy birds too good to throw down for some filthy birds I need it more than some ratbirds don’t look at me like that too good for some dumbass birds ok ok ok don’t look at me like that feed the damn rats ratbirds birdrats. Wabash is full of filthy birds. Damn.

Oh yeah oh yeah Michigan. Tourists yeah hey. Hey man, got some spare change? Any food in that bag, huh? Help me get a sandwich help the homeless, man. Hard times man. I’m a veteran man, hard times man, thanks. What you looking at? Don’t grab your little kiddies lady, I ain’t gonna hurt no one. Spare change so I can get a sandwich huh?

Oh yeah oh yeah just sit on these steps here and rest all day like I was a artist myself oh yeah I am an artist yeah, this is this is my art, THIS HERE IS MY ART. Spare change miss? Spare change so I can get some coffee. Don’t throw that away, it’s still good, what is it? Can’t go in and sit man, who’s got money to sit and watch art, huh? Oh yeah those lions they got no balls no oh no oh no Mayor Daley he cut them balls off oh yeah HA right off. I’m moving I’m moving I’m moving.

What the hell what the hell lady what you got on? Got your kid in your big ass stroller can’t see nothing that thing over you damn this here’s America lady what you dressed like some Halloween thing? This is America, AMERICA. You don’t have to go dressed like some damn ghost here. We free here. Black man in the White House man. Black man in the White House jeeze. Girl here she free don’t need to go round in a blanket no. She headed for the beach I guess the beach barely got anything on jeezus. Oh yeah oh yeah she need some real shoes girl where you going on the train in those little tick tick tick shoes? Jeezus. Jeezus Mary and Joseph all of you what the hell.

Jeeze it’s hot rain don’t cool it down what rain don’t cool it down it’s all globalization GLOBALIZATION be polar bears on this damn fountain soon yeah bears HA bears oh yeah. Something to eat man, something to eat yeah maybe when you come out no I aint got no magazine. Damn I gotta get some magazines yeah these fools can’t tell the difference hey no indeed no indeed they cannot no indeed. Spare change miss? Help me something to eat?

Jeeze Jimmy what you doing what you doing? Damn you sick jeeze Jimmy you can’t just lay down on Monroe Jimmy you sick jeeze you ain’t even got no cup how you gonna get money huh? Jeeze you give the city a bad name jeeze. Take my cup take my cup Jimmy get a dollar get something in your stomach. Come to the library Jimmy it’s cool there jeeze Jimmy you messed up today give the city a bad name. Mayor Daley he cut your balls off if you not careful Jimmy. HA.

What the hell what the hell damn. Oh now what the hell jeeze. Give the city a bad name bad name. Can’t even tell what they are what they supposed to be babies made by god in heaven and now look at them art school. Damn. Can’t even tell if they boys or girls no all pierced up and things in their ears blue hair all craziness jeezus you can’t even tell. How you supposed to get a job like that huh? Get a job be artist I don’t think so. You can’t get no good job look like that, huh? Got a cigarette something to eat? Hard times man hard times hard times. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah it’s hot man. Got something to eat in that bag?

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