Chatuchak Market

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Is it Chatuchak, or Jatujak? The Weekend Market? JJ? It’s all of those; it just depends on which sign you’re reading, or whom you’re talking to. Whatever its name, the market is a colossal, fun, and chaotic destination.

JJ also lends new meaning to the term “hot and crowded,” and this sprawling mammoth of stalls sells just about everything under the blazing sun. Come early if you can, or arrive late, after 5pm. There’s a new group of sellers on the paved lanes in the evening, and some people are saying that night hours will be added.

BTS: Mo Chit
MRT: Kamphaeng Phet
9am-6pm Sat-Sun but some parts run later

At A Glance

9am-6pm Sat-Sun but some parts run later

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