Château & Gardens de Losse

Elegant Château and Gardens on the Vézère River

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The 16th century Château de Losse is located on the right bank of the river Vézère about 5km/3miles south of Montignac on the D706.

Access is via a bridge over the dried-up moat through a fortified Gateshouse, said to be the largest in France, leading into a courtyard and elegant Renaissance hall dating from 1576. There is a fine view of the Vézère from the Terrace at the rear of the hall.

The gardens are truly impressive with ‘green rooms’ of hornbeam, looking just as they did when they were first planted during the 17th century, leading to a splendid balcony which has another wonderful view of the river.

The restored walled garden, or Jardin Bas, is planted with lavender and rosemary with a small canal running through providing a place of quiet reflection.

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