Château de Montal

Heartbreak Château

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This wonderfully impressive Renaissance Château with pepperpot rooves possesses an architectural symmetry second to none and lies on the wooded slopes above the river Bave near St-Céré.

The splendid exterior hides a sad story. Jeanne de Balsac d’Entraygues had the place built by the best artists and craftsmen in France for her son Robert who was away fighting for François 1 in Italy. She waited daily for her son but all that she received back was his body. She had the window where she had watched for him blocked up and below it had carved ‘plus d’espoir’ or ‘hope is no more’.

Despite being recognised as a national asset, the Château fell into to disrepair following the Revolution. However, between 1908 and 1913 it was restored to its full glory by the French Industrialist Maurice Fenaille who then passed it to the State.

Today it is open to visitors and when you’ve had a good look round why not play 9 holes of golf on the accompanying course adjacent to the Château?

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46400 Saint-Jean-Lespinasse
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