Château de Drée

A little Versailles in Southern Burgundy

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Construction on the Château de Drée started in 1620 by Charles de Blanchefort de Créquy. In true aristocrat fashion the Château was build for vanity with no real defenses. The last major construction was in the 18th century.

When the Château was up and running it was a city unto itself, complete with court and prison.

The highlight of the Château is its gardens. In French style they are well proportioned with fountains and shrubs in pleasurable shapes.

The Château de Drée is a little over a mile from the village of Curbigny and is a bit isolated but is not far from the D985 road between Charolles and La Clayette. There are signs for the Château. The Château is on the circuit des églises Romanes du BrionnaisRomanesque Church route.

Parking is in a field in front of the Château.

At A Glance

€12.50 adult, €6.50 gardens only, €8.50 students & kids


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