Château de Castelnaud

Castelnaud Castle and Museum of Medieval Warfare

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Not to be confused with Castelnau-Bretenoux Castle in the nearby Lot département, the Château de Castelnaud about 2 miles (3km) to the south and upstream of Beynac Château, is another splendid edifice constructed during the middle ages.

Castelnaud commands the Céou Valley to the south as well as the Dordogne Valley. Having been taken by Simon de Montfort in 1214 it became a valuable asset to the English during the Hundred Years’ War although it did fall into French hands occasionally.

During the following centuries it was altered to adapt to the changing demands of warfare but following a major restoration during 1969 it again has the appearance of a typical medieval castle. Today it houses a Museum of Medieval Warfare with reconstructions of military equipment from the period such as life size siege catapults which together with swords and suits of armour are of great interest particularly to children.

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24250 Castelnaud-la-Chapelle
33(0)5 53 31 30 00

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