Charollais Cattle

Sliver dress with a golden future

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La vache Charolaise dont la robe est d’argent et dont l’avenir est d’or !

(The Charolais cow, whose dress is sliver and future is golden!)

Charolais cattle get their name from the town of Charolles and then thanks to their white coat they are easy to find in the South Burgundy countryside. One rite of spring is Charolais cattle basking in the sun after a cold winter.

Charolais cattle are known for their meat quality and large size. Don’t worry if you meet one in a field they are gentle giants! They will either run or stare at you as you take their photo.

Local production is on relativity a small scale. Most breeders have less than 100 cows. Charolais breeders are celebrated for their savoir faire and hard work.

Charolais are fed a mix of grass (or hay in the winter) and corn feed.

In Charolles there is a Maison du Charolais with a visitor and exhibition center and of course a restaurant where you can eat a Charolais hamburger.

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