Revolutionary battle sites, Colonial architecture and fantastic city views

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Separated from the rest of the city by the Boston Harbor and the Mystic River, Charlestown maintains a character all its own. A destination of Irish immigrants desperate to escape the Potato Famine, the neighborhood was long a rough, working-class kind of place. But in recent years, the quaint Colonial architecture, community atmosphere and fantastic city views have wooed professionals and families. The influx of newcomers has re-energized this quiet urban enclave.

Main Street is lined with boutiques and eateries. Here, the Warren Tavern has been serving heaping plates of food since way before you were born. George Washington and Paul Revere both enjoyed many a meal here. Charlestown saw fierce fighting during the Revolutionary War, as marked by the famous Bunker Hill Monument. Also on the Freedom Trail, the U.S.S. Constitution and eponymous museum draw hundred of thousands of history buffs each year.

T: Haymarket/Orange and Haymarket/Green

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