One of the oldest churches in the region

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Easy to spot

The village church of Chapaize – Saint Martin can be seen from miles around thanks to its high bell tower. This Romanesque church was built in stages starting in the early 11th century. It was during the 11th century that the bell tower and most of the church’s body were built.

You’ll notice that Saint Martin was built in phases; as different types of stones were used at different times during construction. Near the crossing there is a line on the wall formed from different color blocs used at different building periods. This is under the bell tower, to the left.

As is often the case with churches in France, Saint Martin is surrounded by a cemetery. This includes the village’s monument to its war dead.

There is another Romanesque church in the hamlet of Lancharre. There is also a map of local hiking trails in the car park.

Chapaize has two restaurants, Sunday morning market and a nearby B&B.

At A Glance

Chapaize 71460 France


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