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Place of the Dying Sun

The area around and including the village of Cereixo, set between Vimianzo inland and the town of Camariñas along the bay, is rich in not only remote rural Romanesque chapels but also Celtic sites and even earlier Neolithic megaliths, such as the aforementioned dolmens.

The pilgrim’s destination is the beautiful Romanesque church of Santiago de Cereixo.  It is the earliest church to contain a sculpted image of Saint James’ transport by boat to Galicia.

This is unlike later images that usually show James’ two disciples with his horizontal body in the boat. Here instead, the southern entrance’s tympanum shows Saint James’ stretched-out body in the boat with seven other individuals. All of them appear to be taking the voyage with him.

We know Saint James, the one dead person, is going to rise up soon and be reborn, to enter the gates of paradise. The other seven help in the telling but also represent seven, the magical number of such an alchemical transformation.

The sculpture presents us with sinuous waves below the boat and a happy fish peeking out from the water and shows the delightful primitive Romanesque sculptural style found in rural Galicia.

Depending on the direction you are walking and/or exploring, make your way next to Muxía, Moraime or Finisterre.

At A Glance

Iglesia de Santiago de Cereixo
Porto de Cereixo 15129 La Coruña, Gal

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