Central Maui

Between volcanoes

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Central Maui is the island’s flat middle, the isthmus between two volcanoes — Haleakala looming to the southeast and the West Maui Mountains to the northwest. Through early 2017, sugarcane once blew in the wind here, but the area is in transition. Sugarcane no longer grows on Maui and sugar processing has ended. Plans are to keep this area in agriculture.

But Central Maui is where most local residents live in Kahului and Wailuku, the Maui County seat.

It’s also where you’ll arrive at Kahului Airport, amidst a complex of malls and a cluster of intersections. Forgot your swim suit or a cell phone charger? Stop at Queen Ka‘ahumanu Center. On Saturday’s there’s the Maui Swap Meet nearby on the grounds of Maui Community College.

Besides government buildings, Wailuku’s past is present with Halekii-Pihana heiaus, Hale Ho‘ike‘ike, the Bailey House Museum, Queen Kaahumanu Church and the Old Wailuku Inn. The Maui Arts & Cultural Center attracts locals and visitors with high caliber programs and exhibits.

Kiteboarders and beginning windsurfers flock to Kanaha Beach Park and sweets lovers to the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Sugar Museum,. which is still open though the processing plant across the road has shut down.

Maui Ocean Center, a fine aquarium showcasing reef fish and other ocean dwellers, sits on curving Ma‘alaea Bay.

Most visitors drive through Central Maui quickly bound for West or South Maui beaches. Next time explore awhile.

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