Celebration, Florida

A planned community near Disney World

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Celebration is a planned community developed by The Walt Disney Company in the 1990s which some hoped might bring the EPCOT concept to life:

Instead of an innovative Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, Celebration is surprisingly bland. With many housing units clustered so close together, parts of Celebration have an almost claustrophobic feel.

The exception is the Town Center, which many visitors travel to because of its Disney affiliation and its close proximity to Disney World. Those curious to see it may spend an hour or two exploring the Town Center’s colorful architecture, looking in the handful of shops and perhaps dining in a restaurant on Front Street beside a small lake. It’s a little bit like Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.

Celebration’s most striking building is the AMC Celebration 2 movie theater with twin art deco towers. This was probably Orlando’s only movie theater that operated  during the day and closed at 5 p.m. Maybe that’s why it is permanently closed. Or there simply was no demand for a movie theater in this small community?

Restaurants in the Town Center include Cafe D’ Antonio Italian restaurant and the New England-styled Celebration Town Tavern. Don’t overlook the Columbia Restaurant, known for its Spanish and Cuban cuisine, makes .Celebration also has a fine hotel available for those who want to stay over.

Check the list of annual events. The Celebration Town Center is at its peak during the Christmas period.

At A Glance

610 Sycamore Street
Celebration Florida 34747
(407) 566-4007

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