Cayman Brac

Diamond in the rough

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A 30-minute flight from Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac is a diamond in the rough. Rugged coastal bluffs with breathtaking hikes, craggy caves, and fantastic wreck diving are some of the top tourist attractions on the Caymans’ second biggest sister island. Taking its name from the 45-meter-high limestone bluff or “Brac” on its eastern tip, Cayman Brac is home to the highest point in the Caymans. Hiking is especially popular here. Keep an eye out for nesting seabirds as you wind your way along the coastal cliffs, and look for the elusive Cayman Brac parrot on the loop trail through the National Trust Parrot Preserve.

If you’re a diver, don’t miss the MV Captain Keith Tibbetts, a Russian frigate sunk in 1996. More than a hundred species of marine life thrive amid its contorted caverns, as well as sponges and hard corals. Cayman Brac is also a popular spot for deep-sea fishing. Anglers can fish for species like wahoo and mahi mahi.

Spelunkers will also find plenty of caves to explore. Peter’s Cave, Great Cave, Bat’s Cave, Skull Cave and Rebecca’s Cave offer easy access and fascinating features, from bat colonies to sparkling stalactites and stalagmites.

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