Cathédrale Ste-Réparate

The Cathedral of Nice

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Located in the lively place Rossetti, in the heart of Vieux Nice, from which you can really appreciate the beautiful Baroque structure of Ste-Réparate Cathedral.

Dating in fact from the mid 17th century the Cathedral is named for Ste-Réparate. Martyred in what we now call Turkey, her remains reputedly lie interred here beneath the alter.

Quintessential Baroque

Ste-Réparate, the largest church in Vieux Nice, was built in the Baroque style. It boasts a free standing bell tower and, above all, an immense domed roof covered by 14000 glazed tiles. Moreover, inside you’ll discover a triple nave and ten chapels complemented by some fine Baroque plasterwork and marble.

Don’t miss: place and rue Rossetti where you will find many good restaurants and bars.

At A Glance

3 Place Rossetti,
06300 Nice
33 (0)4 93 92 01 35

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