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The Catedral de Santiago offers a fantastic Cathedral Rooftop Tour that first takes you through parts of the old “palace,” then up to the cathedral’s second floor, where you’ll enjoy a sweeping view of the church below.

You’ll also get a chance to see the church’s “giants and big heads” in storage. The immense, puppet-type figures represent local characters and appear in Spanish parades. The ones in the cathedral appear primarily during celebrations of St. James’ July 25 feast day.

The tour’s highlight, though, is stepping outside onto the cathedral’s granite-tiled roofs, which tower 98 feet (30 m) above the ground. (To get there, have to climb 84 steps.)

In addition to drinking in stunning views of the surrounding historic squares, you can walk right up to the Cruz dos Farrapos, or Cross of Rags. The cross stands sentinel over a stone font where pilgrims once burned their clothes to signify the discarding of their old lives.


You must make reservations for this tour. English-speaking guides are available upon request.

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