Cathedral of the Assumption

Including the head, arm and leg of Dubrovnikâs patron saint Blaise

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Dubrovnik is full of legends and none better than the legend of King Richard I, the Lionheart, and the cathedral of Dubrovnik. Apparently Richard was returning from the Crusades in 1192 when he was shipwrecked and cast aground on Lokrum Island.

In order to thank God for his life, he vowed to build a great church on the spot where his life was saved. After he told his intentions to Dubrovnik’s shrewd leaders, they convinced him it would be much better to build the church in the city, and the rest is history.

Sadly, Richard’s Romanesque styled Cathedral crumbled to dust during the Great Earthquake of 1667 and the ‘new’ cathedral was completed in 1713 in Baroque style.

Inside, you’ll find some amazing altars (the altar of St. John is made of purple marble in Nordic-Baroque style – breathtaking). The Treasury contains 182 relics, including the head, arm and leg of Dubrovnik’s patron Saint Blaise. There are a large number of precious paintings and of course plenty of gold and silver objects.

The polyptych in the main apse is the work of the famous painter Titian Vecelli and his workshop.

The cathedral is free to enter but the treasury will set you back about 20KN.

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Opcina Dubrovnik

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