Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Restored by the incredible Hermann Bolle from 1880-1905 (after the 1880 earthquake damaged the structure) the impressive twin spires of the cathedral dominate Zagreb. It also happens to be the tallest building in Croatia.

Even though the exterior of the Cathedral seems to be in a permanent state of repair with scaffolding surrounding the structure, inside you’ll find the tomb of Cardinal and saint Aloysius Stepinac, along with a relief of Stepinac with Christ created by famed sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, of Mestrovic Atelier fame.

Behind the cathedral take a took at the defensive walls with their round towers built between 1512-1521 to keep the Ottoman Turks out. These walls remain among the best preserved Renaissance defenses in Europe.

Behind these walls, you’ll find Park Ribnjak or ‘Fishpond’ where the priests would catch fish for the Friday meal.

At A Glance

Kaptol 31
Zagreb 10000
385 1 481 47 27


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