Cathedral (Hofkirche)

Saxony's largest Catholic church

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The Cathedral (Hofkirche) is Saxony’s largest Catholic church – and the last great Baroque building in Dresden.

In the crypt the heart of August the Strong is buried – the body of the Elector of Saxony and King of Poland rests in Kraków (Poland). Next to the heart are 48 sarcophagus of the other Saxon kings and dukes and their relatives. The roof is framed by 78 larger-than-life stone figures by Lorenzo Mattielli. Between those two places, so to speak, is the biggest catholic church in Saxony.

The Italian Gaëtano Chiaveri started the building in 1738. And because it looked better he placed the church not after religious criteria but after aesthetic ones – a little slanted to the bridge.

The Saxon people didn’t get along with Chiaveri and his Italian workers (who lived in the “Italian Village” nearby), and in 1749 the mobbing worked: Chiaveri left town, Saxon workers completed the church in 1754. On 52,000 square feet it houses an Organ by Silbermann, a pulpit by Permoser, and the big picture on top of the altar by Anton Raphael Mengs and other valuable pieces.

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