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One of the Bahamas’ most undersung islands, Cat Island truly is Old Bahamas.

As birthplace of an indigenous style of Bahamian music known as rake ‘n’ scrape, it holds on to many of the old traditions. You can see these bands playing old saws, goatskin drums, and other makeshift instruments at local resorts, which also happen to be the social centers for the islands.

Fernandez Bay Village is the most major resort, owned by an old white Bahamian family and situated on a gorgeous stretch of beach.

The island’s best attraction, the Hermitage sits on the highest Bahamas elevation (206 feet). Built by a priest-architect who is responsible for several churches in the islands, it served as his retreat from life in his older years.

Other than that, island pastimes consist of fishing, diving, kayaking, even a little surfing.

Bahamasair and Cat Island Air make the trip from Nassau in 45 minutes.

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