Thermal park first-timers, this is the park for you!

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A small funicular ferries visitors down to the top of this thermal park built on the slope of a hill. Terraces meander down to the sea, each with a different pool and a different view. The small dock at water’s edge is a nice spot for sunbathing and wading into the sea.

Smaller and a bit less snazzy than Poseidon or Negombo, first-timers to the thermal park experience will find Castiglione much easier to manage and for many, the park’s more human scale makes for a more relaxing day. Like all thermal parks on Ischia, children aren’t allowed in the thermal areas, however, with its olympic sized seawater pool and the Perene pool especially for children and pregnant women, Castiglione may be the most family friendly thermal park on the island. Adults can rest easy in the thermal areas and take advantage of Castiglione’s beauty, thermal, mud and wellness treatments in the on-site spa.

Castiglione also features a snack bar, self-service eatery and a restaurant. For serious spa goers, there is a lovely hotel on-site.

At A Glance

Via Castiglione, 62
Casamicciola Terme
39 081 982551

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