Carnival Nice

Mari Gras Meets The French Riviera

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In 1876, along Promenade des Anglais, the first Flower Parade (Bataille de Fleurs) was held. Over 100 years later, that small parade of flowers blossomed into what is today one of the Riviera’s most colorful and anticipated winter events: Carnival.

The festival begins on a Saturday, 10-days before Mardi Gras, with
the arrival of the Carnival King, and the city is filled with flower floats, nighttime
concerts, food vendors, light shows, and thousands of musicians and
performers who spread a pervasive party spirit during this 10-day fete.

Many of the festivities are FREE, but there are charges for the parades. Most cost €10 for basic entry, but some, like the Parade of Lights, cost €25. Check online to pre-order tickets and for schedules. Daytime events tend to be more kid-friendly.

Hint: During Carnival, hotel rooms can be hard to find, traffic and parking is impossible, and restaurant reservations are difficult, so book/plan ahead.

At A Glance

Place Massena
10 days in February/March

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