Carnarvon Great Walk

climb from gorge floor to gorge rim in outback Queensland

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There’s more to Carnarvon National Park than the magnificent canyon carved by Carnarvon Creek over eons. As you’ll discover on the Carnarvon Great Walk, one of ten Great Walks of Queensland. This 86.5km loop explores
Carnarvon Gorge up to Big Bend camping area. It then follows sinuous Boowinda Creek, from which you clamber steeply up to Battleship Spur for your reward: an eagle’s-eye view of the gorge snaking through the sandstone plateau.

From here, this six-day pack walk loops around the plateau between hiker-only camping areas with hand-pumped drinking water. Through open forest of spotted gums and ironbarks where colourful birds nest and golden orbweaver spiders string gleaming webs. Through grasslands, carpets of wildflowers, and the Mahogany Forest, a closer, darker stand of centuries-old stringybarks. In Aboriginal mythology, the Mahogany Forest is home to the Goori Goori bird, a huge eagle which ate straying children!

A 750m detour off the main track to Boolimba Bluff gives you a final aerial look at Carnarvon Gorge before you descend back into it, via a series of ladders unkind to walk-weary knees.

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(617) 13 74 68
A$5.95 per person per night for Great Walk camping; camping permits must be pre-booked and prepaid
Walk closed November to February because of summer heat. Flood waters can also close the gorge section of the walk.

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