Captain Bangs Hallet House

The home and exotic belongings of a renowned sea captain

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If you were a 19th-century sea captain, whose voyages to India and China were known far and wide, your house would be filled with exotic mementos and artifacts of from a lifetime rich in far-flung travels. The Captain Bangs Hallet House in Yarmouth Port is.

Long after your passing, guided tours would recall your colorful exploits as groups of landlubbers gaped in wonder at your circa-1740 Greek Revival house (incorporated into a larger structure in 1840 — check out the cellar-kitchen).

Fifty acres of woodlands are yours to wander. Down one trail is the circa-1873 Kelley Chapel, used for special events, such as an ecumenical Thanksgiving Service, a 4th of July picnic, and Annual Holiday Stroll.

The Historical Society of Old Yarmouth runs the place, headquartered in the reconstructed Gorham Cobbler Shop, which houses the library and fascinating archival collections.

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At A Glance

11 Strawberry Lane
Yarmouth Port
Open early June to mid-Oct.

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