Cap’t Cass Rock Harbor Seafood

About as local as it gets

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Hunting for a true Cape lobsta shack complete with colorful buoys and checkered tables? Head over to Cap’t Cass Rock Harbor Seafood at the Orleans harbor and join the masses who know a good lobster roll when they taste one — especially a sandwich stuffed with the main ingredient, not a bunch of filler lettuce and breading. Other specialties, posted on a slab of cardboard which I don’t think has changed since 1958, include the she-crab stew (which despite the name doesn’t have too much bite), the homemade chowder and fish-and-chips.

The real Captain Cass (aka George) died in 2013 but the joint is still run by the family.

Kiddos are welcome — and it is not just because they serve the food on paper plates. Be sure to BYOB, especially at sunset, when the sun dips into the sea and seems to make your meal taste better.

At A Glance

117 Rock Harbor Rd
No credit cards.

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